MINI Cooper Thermostat N12/N14 Kit

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DT N12/14 Thermo Kit
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We see a lot of leaky Gen 2 thermostats here at the shop. It seems like we are almost installing one a week. As these cars are getting older and higher mileage, all the plastic parts start to get brittle. As you try to remove the thermostat, you will very likely break the water pipe as well.  So, we created this kit to get both parts in one place.


Kit Includes:

  • MINI Thermostat 11-53-8-699-290
  • MINI Water Pipe 11-53-7-589-713

When you're checking your oil, keep an eye on your coolant tank when you are checking your oil. If it's low, then you need to look down the driver's side of the motor (right next to valve cover) to see if coolant is pooling around the top brown sensor. You can also get a SES light when the sensor gets the wrong readings as well as a hard start. This part will actually stop the car from starting in certain conditions because the sensor is giving the car the wrong info (extreme temps). This is an electric operated thermostat assembly, so your car's ECU controls how it opens and closes.


The thermostat is a brand new MINI OEM part with a 2 year unlimited miles warranty from MINI. This is the latest and greatest design and will fit all Cooper or Cooper S's with the N12 or N14 motors as well as the N14 JCW motors (Build Dates 06/10-03/12). As well as for N16 MC (Build Dates 03/12-02/13) For all R55 Clubmans R56 Hardtops, R57 Convertibles, R58 JCW Coupes & Coopers, R59 JCW Roadsters & Coopers, R60 Cooper Countryman, R61 Cooper Paceman. Don't forget some quality fluid!


The water pipe is a brand new MINI OEM part with a 2 year unlimited miles warranty from MINI as well. Fits all gen 2 cars and is the pipe that goes from the thermostat to the water pump on the back side of the engine. The fail point on this part is the o-ring and flange that goes into the water pump. It can crack or break off if the car is over heated or someone gets too aggressive when installing a new thermostat.