MINI Exhaust Heat Shield

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MINI Exhaust Heat Shield! This exhaust shield bolts to the back of the gen 1 engine and covers the exhaust header to combat heat in the engine bay. All Cooper S's come with this part from the factory. But movement over time and the extreme heat on the flange where it bolts to the engine can break, so you might need a new one to replace it.

The real reason we carry this part is so you can to add it to your Cooper! All Coopers are missing this part from the factory and they have the coolant overflow tank right above the header. We get lots of people that complain that the tank is always empty because the heat makes it evaporate over time. The overflow just has a snap clip so it really doesn't keep any fluids in there long. By installing this part it will keep your engine bay cooler and help keep fluid in your tank; it also keeps heat out of all the other parts to make the engine last longer.

This kit comes with a new MINI heat shield along with the two bolts (#900's) needed to install it. It also has the clip for the O2 sensor wire.