MINI Cooper Spare Tire Hold Down

MINI Spare Tire Hold Down Kit

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Hold Down Kit
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If you already bought a spare tire for MINI Cooper Clubman S, but you think our spare tire tray kit is too will want this little kit to finish it off! The spare tire will fit down in your spare tire wheel just fine, but it doesn't have a bolt or nut to hold it in place. This will keep the tire from moving around in there, which will wear the paint off both the wheel and the car. And believe me, I have seen it happen within as short as 6 months. Get yours today!


Kit Includes:

  • MINI R55 Clubman Spare Tire Retaining Hold Down Nut #36-10-6-781-466
  • MINI R55 Clubman Spare Tire Hold Down Bolt #36-10-6-782-325


Note: The stock foam tray WILL NOT fit inside the tire.