MINI Thermostat w/Gasket

MINI Thermostat w/Gasket

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One of the common problems in all Gen 1 cars is that the original thermostat gasket would leak.  The original gasket material was a rubber that, over time, would get hard and crack.  This gasket is white in color.  This new OEM part from MINI has an updated gasket and is clear/white in color.  It's much more flexible than the old one, and can take the heat needed to keep it sealed.  Replace your old leaky one with this part, and you will never have to fix it again. This is the OEM 195 deg. unit. Detroit Tuned doesn't recommend 180 deg. thermostats due to SES lights that occur in colder climate zones.

We replace a lot of them here in the shop, so this part is always in stock!  You might also want a new housing, but normally we find that you only need to replace the gasket.