MINI Transmission Axle Seal Inner

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MINI Transmission Inner Axle Seal (Passenger's Side)for all R52/R53 Getrag 6 speed units and Early Midland Coopers. This seal fails from time to time due to heat and dirt. As the cars get higher in miles the seals just wear out. If you're planning on taking the axles out it might be a good one to have on had because your local parts store will not have this seal. If you see leaking from this seal, it's time to replace it. Running the transmission with low fluid could do lots of damage. If you're planning to put race axles in, you might want to just replace these as it puts the new seal into a different position and a leak is likely going to start once you have it all back together. Do the job right the first time. This is a brand new seal that is MINI OEM and is 36x58mm in size. You only need one because the other side is a different size. This could also be a good time to flush the transmission and put some good quality fluid into it. You will be surprised how much difference it makes!



  • R50/52 Cooper Midland Trans up to 07/04 inner
  • R52/53 Cooper S Inner


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    Did the trick

    Posted by Andrew on 11th Sep 2023

    Had a shop replace my axles and they initially installed the wrong one and in doing so damaged the seal which they couldn't get anywhere... must not have looked hard enough lol. Was able to pull the axle, replace the seal, completely change the MTF in about 1.5 hrs myself. This seal was identical to the one that came off the vehicle and went in easily and securely. Nice to no longer have a puddle in my garage anymore.