MINI Water Pump G2 After

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MINI Cooper Water Pump for all Gen 2 cars made by Saleri or Graf. 

While this pump is an aftermarket pump, this is the same manufacturer that makes the pump for MINI! Take a look in the photos and you will see that the MINI pump has Saleri cast right next to the BMW logo. Saleri wanted to offer another option for MINI customers and they had to get rid of the BMW logo to even sell it to you; so they redesigned a whole new casting. We have been installing these pumps here at the shop for a while now, testing them out to make sure they were a good pump before we offered them here in the web, and we are happy to say they have passed the test! Since we have seen so many of these pumps fail, get this pump and save big!

Keep in mind to look at your water pump friction wheel and the water pump wheel they are easy to replace at the same time as the water pump.