MINI Wiper Blades - 2013 Front

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MINI Wiper Blades - 2013 Cars. These fit both the Cooper and Cooper S for any Gen 2 R car, R55, R56, R57, R58, R59. These are a very special  OEM blade that fits into a special arm. It's an easy install for anyone that should only take about 3 minutes. You get two blades; one is 18” long and one is 19” long. Just make sure you put the correct one on the correct side. Don't think you're going to go down to your local auto parts store and just pick up a set; they are not going to have them. While you're at it, add a rear blade and do your car all the way around.


Wiper blades are recommended to be replaced yearly or soon as needed. The salt/sand of winter weather in the eastern states can do havoc to the blades, as well and the intense sun of the western states. Be ready when you need them the most!


Note: Sold as a set of two, a left 18" blade and a right 19" blade. These Blades only fit some 2013 models (normally with a build date around 7/12 but not limited too). Look at the arm photo and know what you have.