Oxygen Sensor Pre Cat N14

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If your car is throwing a Check Engine Light, and it's an O2 code, more than likely you're going to have to replace one or both of the sensors. This oxygen sensor is made by Bosch and is a direct bolt up, plug and play sensor that is the same sensor that is already in your car. Bosch makes this sensor for MINI, now you don't have to pay the MINI price tag to fix your car!

Once installed, clear all stored codes when you're done, it's just that easy. This is one of the only O2 sensors that will work on a MINI. The splice in style, while cheaper, will never work. You will have to keep clearing codes and you will just have to replace it with the right plug and play unit.

This sensor only fits Gen 2 Cooper S's in the pre cat location only, that came with the N14 motor! JCW OR STD Cooper S.


  • MINI R56                                (11/2005 — 07/2010)
  • MINI R56 LCI JCW                  (01/2010 — 06/2012)
  • MINI Clubman R55                 (10/2006 — 07/2010)
  • MINI Clubman R55 LCI JCW   (01/2010 — 06/2012)
  • MINI Cabrio R57                     (11/2007 — 07/2010)
  • MINI Cabrio R57 LCI JCW       (01/2010 — 07/2012)
  • MINI Coupé R58 JCW             (12/2010 — 07/2012)
  • MINI Roadster R59 JCW         (05/2011 — 06/2012)