Performance Alignment

Performance Alignment

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Performance Alignement
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Note: This is only available as an in shop service.

Alignments are a very important part of how your car works. Without the proper alignment, you will get premature tire wear and an ill handling car. All of this can lead to a blown out tire, broken parts, or wearing out other suspension items on your MINI. No matter what you want to do with your car we can give you the correct alignment. Detroit Tuned can return your car back to stock specs for your daily driver, or give you special specs for autocross and track days. You just tell us what your looking for and we will take care of the rest. We even have other shops calling us how to adjust rear toe! That is the first sign your at the wrong place.

We recommend an alignment once a year or at least every new set of tires. Why so often? Every time you hit that big bump or pot hole in the road, it changes your alignment just a little bit. Over time after you have hit hundreds of bumps, your alignment is out of specs and could be damaging your car.

Here at Detroit Tuned we also only do 4 wheel alignments. It's important to make sure the whole car is working correctly together. It doesn't do any good to have the front wheels square if the back wheels are not square also. Each set of wheels will be fighting the other. So we adjust front and rear toe on all cars, as well as front and rear camber on the cars that has this option.  One way to see if you need an alignment is if the rear tires have chop on the inside of the rear tires.

Note:This is only available for local customers. We can do almost any car, lowered, race, vintage, classic, or specialty. Give us a call @ 586.792.6464 to book your appointment today! $125 cost is most cars, some special applications or extremely frozen parts may cost extra.