Sea Foam Spray N18

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Sea Foam Motor Treatment! The generation 2 Cooper S's have been seeing a build up of carbon on the intake valves since they are a direct injection engine. We have had people do it every 5K and has shown no build up at all. We recommend at least every 10K to keep things working correctly. This can treat multiple things on the MINI. Sea Foam Motor Treatment for Gas and Diesel Engines is a 100% pure petroleum product that works instantly to clean deposits from internal engine parts and remove moisture from oil crankcases and fuel tanks. As a fuel system additive, Sea Foam motor treatment will clean carburetors, fuel injectors, clean carbon, gum and varnish deposits, add lubricity to fuel, stabilize fuel and control moisture. As an oil system additive, Sea Foam controls moisture, gum, varnish and residue deposits.

This kit is specially designed for the N18 motors that cannot use the vacuum port on the valve cover like the N14 motors. The N14 motors should use the pour in Sea Foam. For the N18 motors, loosen the boost tube hose clamp on the passenger side, and using a screwdriver, get under the hose carefully and free it up. Once it's free, use the screwdriver again to give you some room to insert the spray adapter. Get the red tube as far in as you can, but makes sure the plastic loop is under the clamp. Reattach the clamp to prevent a boost leak. This is now where you need two people. At an increased idle, 1000-1500 rpm's, spray the whole can into the intake path. Once the can is empty, turn the car off and let it soak for about 5 minutes while you remove the adapter and make sure your boost clamp is tight and back to factory look. Restart the car and run it at an increased idle till all the white smoke has cleared. We recommend doing this outside.

By doing this with every oil service, you will not need a carbon blast down the road, and you car will not lose performance over time because of buildup!

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