Vibra-Technics MINI Motor Mount Late

Vibra-Technics MINI Motor Mount Late

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We all know that the late motor mounts fail like crazy, so fix the problem once and for all! This Vibra-Technics MINI Cooper Motor Mount will fit all late model gen1 cars and it will be the last mount you ever have to buy. This uprated mount is a direct replacement for the OEM part that increases durability while reducing engine movement in all directions. This mount is stiffer that the OEM mount, but it will still give outstanding vibration and noise isolation. This mount will come with all need hardware, and you will reuse the brace bolt that us already in your car.

This mount will fit all Gen 1 MINIs after 2004.

  • R50 Cooper 2004-2006
  • R52 Cooper Conv. 2004-2008
  • R52 Cooper S Conv. 2004-2008
  • R53 Cooper S 2004-2006

Team this mount with any other Vibra-Technics mount or even a Powerflex to complete the system and nearly eliminate unwanted wheel hop during launch and anchors the drivetrain within the vehicle for the most consistent performance.