ATI Super Damper

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ATI has designed a damper for the MINI Cooper S engine. This new design is a direct replacement for the stock OEM MINI Cooper S damper from 2002 through 2006. When the OEM early design rips, or the late design comes apart, this is the one to get. The heart of this unit is the tried and true damper within a damper design that has put ATI ahead of the rest. The outer shell has been specially machined to allow the OEM serpentine belt, and includes laser-etched timing marks (even though it does our MINI's no good). Available in stock size (0%) or very popular 2% oversize. The 2% will function just like stock, but give you a bit more boost, which in turn makes your car faster!  No modification to the ECU is needed. ATI gives you an install tool, but you will need a tool to remove your stock damper. We rent or sell the tools you need. MINI also says to replace your crank bolt, we recommend it. We also see a lot of crank seal leaks, so we highly recommend replacing this seal at the same time.

You might want to also upgrade your damper bolts to the light weight titanium bolts!

Quick glance:

  • Exceeds SFI 18.1 specs
  • 0% or 2%
  • Black zinc chromate finished
  • Install tool
  • Laser etched 360 timing marks (which doesn't help the MINI at all!)

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3 Reviews

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    ATI damper

    Posted by Jay on 31st Aug 2020

    First I would like to thank Chad for helping me diagnose my problem, his professionalism and knowledge of their products saved my mini from disaster. Super Damper worth the investment, also changed tensioner and idler pulley, both bad. Thanks again

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    Never have to worry again!

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Jun 2018

    This is one quality piece of kit and I recommend to anybody that needs a new harmonic balancer pick the ATI unit up and save themselves the headache of replacing a second factory replacement.

    After consulting with Detroit Tuned staff I opted for the 2% unit and a new bolt. My MCS is an 05 JCW prepped by Dinan with their stage 5 setup so it gets the job done anyway, but power would start to run out a little before 6k RPM. You could actually feel the power and acceleration level off. It would still run to the 7200 RPM redline, but power was done before that. Dinan’s pulley is a 15% and I always wondered what a 17% pulley would run like. I heard reviews that the diameter was getting pretty small and belts don’t last as long. There was also that whole spinning the SC too fast thing. Detroit Tuned said “Do it. You’ll love it.” and they were right! After install I immediately noticed that I have increasing power all the way up to redline now and the MINI pulls hard to the top!

    Awesome investment and some the best customer service I have ever received!

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    Detroit Tuned does it again!

    Posted by George Stephen Taylor on 5th Dec 2016

    I purchased the ATI 2% overdrive damper, crank seal and crank bolt from the fine people at Detroit Tuned, and received it in 2 days. Installation was easy, and took a bit over an hour. I highly recommend the specific puller to get the factory part off, especially if it was in two pieces like mine. And the MINI has a noticeable gain in power at around 3k and up. The ATI is rock solid and Detroit Tuned delivered again! Whenever possible, I will be purchasing everything from Detroit Tuned, customer service is excellent and Chad is always responsive to technical emails.