Craven Speed PSIClone

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Do you want a boost gauge to deliver the real-time PSI that your new turbocharged MINI is pumping into your engine? The problem is unlike many turbo setups, there is no soft line to put a 'T' into to deliver pressure to your gauge. Without a specially made adapter, you would need to drill and tap a hole in the manifold to run a line to your gauge.

After easily installing Craven's PSIclone adapter, you can just use the 1/8 NPT thread to quickly attach your line with just the pieces supplied with almost any boost gauge.

How does it work? The PSIclone fits in place between the manifold and the MAP sensor. You will pull out the sensor, plug the PSIclone in its place, and then plug the sensor into the PSIclone, and that's it.

Note: This part only fits the turbocharged engine setups only.