Craven Speed Short Shifter

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2.00 LBS
$9.99 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Here is the first (and only) short shifter that you can adjust in seconds! You can change the throw in seconds from zero to 40% for yourself or anywhere in-between. It's preferred by track racers as the ultimate tunable short shifter. The advantages of a shorter throw are well documented, but the leverage required by the driver is increased as the throw is shortened. Now you will not have to give that kind of effort during everyday driving or traffic jam. With a quick adjustment it can be from 40% shorter to stock in seconds.

The Adjustable Shifter from Craven Speed is the only short shifter that gives you the option to set and re-set the shift length and height at ANY TIME. Just as quickly as you can adjust the seat or mirrors, you can change the feel of this shifter. A locking collar sits near the base of the shifter and requires only a twist before the height and throw can be adjusted to your liking. You don't even need to look at what you're doing; with our unique design, you cannot over adjust the shifter. Go ahead and move it from top to bottom without damaging your transmission.

You should never expect anything else from us. We make our parts here in the USA, and we make them with care. Hybrid designed and CNC machined from Stainless Steel, and 6061 Aluminum; it is guaranteed to be unbreakable. The kits for the 2007+ models come with machined 6061 aluminum bushings as well. Make the feel of each shift more crisp after you replace the rubber bushings with these perfectly machined replacements.
Although we feel the shifter looks best with a custom shift knob, the MINI stock knob fits perfectly with the INCLUDED knob adapter, but will also accept many aftermarket knobs, including the Whalen Shift Machine. This adapter will also allow you to fit any BMW/MINI Shift Knob. Without the adapter installed, the Craven Speed Short Shifter will also accept most aftermarket knobs. Many use the same standard; M12 x 1.25 thread as our available shift knob. The shifter can be adjusted with the faux-leather boot in place; just feel the mechanism and twist.
Note: For F56 JCW Cars. The Craven SS will work on your car, but the JCW stock knob is currently incompatible.

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2 Reviews

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    Impressive Quality and Machining

    Posted by Eric Tachell on 5th Sep 2018

    The quality of this shifter is top shelf and gives an incredible feel compared to the factory shifter assembly. Every shift is very tight and precise with no slop. Plus when combined with the shift well cover it looks damned decent!

    I did go through the trouble of building a custom cover for the shifter box using parts I got from Home Depot to keep everything sealed from the elements. This part was more difficult than the install of the shifter itself, but I feel is worth it.

    One other thing was the gasket to my shifter box was of what I assume is an earlier design and didn't fir the aluminum grommets that come with the kit. I went ahead and punched out the holes in the gasket bigger to accommodate and it worked perfectly.

    I cannot stress enough how much better this kit shifts and looks compared to stock! Well worth the money.

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    Shockingly well made

    Posted by Matthew Menze on 10th Nov 2014

    This product is better than both OEM and B&M shifters I have used. It changes the R53 shift experience from feeling like a arcade game to better than many mechanical linkage or direct-to-transmission setups. Absolutely recommend to anyone as a first mod for their R53.