Craven Speed Shift Well Cover Gen 2

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The Shift Well Cover for the second generation MINI is Craven's most handsome product. The lines match those on the rest of your interior perfectly; also, there are no screws! The part was designed to snap into place and is clocked so that it will not rotate once installed. The black color fits right into the interior, making this modification blend in with your OEM items.

You might be thinking...the Shift Well cover may blend into the rest of your stock MINI Cooper or Clubman equipment, but any other MINI owner will notice what you have done right away. Using the cover with either the stock shifter or our adjustable short shifter gives your MINI an industrial/racing look that will make your interior one of a kind. 

Note: This is for a Gen 2 MINI, if you looking for a Gen 1 MINI look here. Or a Gen 3, look here!

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