Craven Speed Shift Well Cover Gen 1

Craven Speed Shift Well Cover Gen 1

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There's more than one way to keep your MINI shifter housing free of debris! yet so many cars come with the same old shift boot from the factory.  For us, 'same old' and MINI do not go well together. Something unique was called for. Drawing inspiration from the gated shifter found on some of the finest Italian autos, Craven Speed created this shift well cover for the MINI. With a recent revision, you'll notice the improved look of our shift well as we have done away with the exposed screws on the top of the boot. They have been replaced with some new screws on the underside of the center console. Not only does it look better, but the un-boot is held even more securely than before in this position. There is still no cutting or drilling or gluing required, installation is completely reversible. In order to keep dust and debris away from your shifter housing, our shift well uses a sliding plate that you attach to the shifter itself. A custom spring sits around the shifter atop the pivoting ball, and keeps the plate pressed up against the bottom of the well.

The shift well cover is a perfect mate for our adjustable short shifter, but it will work (and look great) with almost any shifter including the stock lever, or just about any aftermarket one. The shift well cover offers easy access to the unique Craven Speed adjustable shifter locking collar, having the collar exposed makes adjustments even quicker. Just grab and twist, set, and tighten.

Note: This cover fits all Gen 1 cars, if you're looking for the Gen 2 cover look here. Or the Gen 3, look here.

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2 Reviews

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    Final touch to the Craven shifter

    Posted by Eric Tachell on 5th Sep 2018

    The Craven shift well cover gives the already cool Craven short shifter that extra look that really sets off the Mini interior. It installs very easily when installing the shifter. The quality and craftsmanship is very impressive!

    To give an example on the quality, my Mini has the interior chrome trim package and the textured black finish just didn't go with the chrome trim rings around everything else. So I decided to scuff off the powder coat finish and polish the Craven cover to a mirror shine. Even the powder coating was done to a high standard cuz that stuff was thick and was giving up a total fight to come off. In the end the cover polished up beautifully and totally makes the interior.

    If you'r considering the Craven shifter just plan on getting this too. The package has the looks and the function.

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    Great addition to a short shifter!

    Posted by Matthew Menze on 10th Nov 2014

    I've never been a fan of shift boots, but there are few alternatives. This product provides a wonderful alternative, and it easier to keep clean, allows quick adjustment of a Craven Shifter, and is a really subtle and unique way to set your interior apart. Build quality is stunning, fitment perfect. I only wish these came stock!