Craven Speed Shift Knob

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Craven Speed's new Shift Knob has a weighted core, so you'll FEEL every shift. The protective outer layer won't let your knob get too hot to touch in the summer, or cold in the winter! You probably already enjoy your manual transmission. Why would you drive a car like this any other way? The heavy, 11 oz, weight of this knob will not go unnoticed. Momentum will power you through every shift.

Build: The outer portion of the main ball is machined from Polyoxymethylene; it is smooth and really great to the touch. The center hub (which includes a machined ring to hold the shift boot) is stainless steel; it is heavy and strong. The top cap is powder coated after being machined from aluminum.

Fitment: This knob is designed for Gen 2 and Gen 3 MINIs with 6 speed transmissions. It works perfectly on the stock shifter or Craven's Adjustable Shifter.

Parts Included:

  • Knob cap with choice of color and custom design
  • Knob cap screws
  • Shift knob ball
  • Stainless steel base
  • Knob collar

Tools Required:

  • Plastic pry bar or flathead screwdriver if you are careful
  • 2mm Allen Key