Craven Speed The Big Pair F55

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If you drive your new MINI hard, you have noticed the flex.

The 2014+ MINI hardtop, known as the F56, is just a bit bigger than other sport models. It's just a little heavier and a little longer; so it should not surprise anyone that it's not as stiff. Look, the handling is still good, but it can easily be improved by reducing chassis flex to improve handling.

The Big Pair improves overall handling of the F56 MINI Cooper by reducing the twisting motion that accompanies torsional loading of the chassis in corners. The point is- if you are hitting the corners hard you'll notice better steering response, better turn-in, rotation, and it even reduces understeer when you want it.

You don't need a mechanic - ANYONE can install The Big Pair. The Big Pair uses your factory hardware. Just grab a wrench, get down under the MINI and bolt them on, then hit the road.


  • The Big Pair is designed to fit Third Gen MINI Hardtop F56 & F57 See them for sale here.
  • On the F55 (4 door) there are THREE braces!
  • The Big Pair includes both front and rear chassis braces (hence the name)
  • The braces are beefy, machined from billet aluminum instead of bent sheet metal like the stock members
  • Machined from solid billet aluminum
  • Increases stiffness and rigidity
  • Easy install can be done at home
  • Made in USA

Installation Instructions