DDMWorks GP Air Diverter

DDMWorks GP Air Diverter

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We all want more power from our cars. If you have the GP intercooler, on a stock GP, or as an upgrade to your Cooper S, you have the best intercooler available from the factory! Now with the addition of the DDMWorks intercooler diverter you can improve that intercooler further by getting more air through it more efficiently. The more air you can put through the intercooler, the faster it can cool the air going to the engine, and that equals more power at the wheels.

The intercooler diverter is made from stainless steel to keep the diverter looking great for years to come. A simple bolt on for all supercharged MINI Cooper S's with the GP intercooler.


  • Kit comes with all necessary hardware.
  • Stainless steel finish.
  • Easy installation w/ included directions.
  • Will only fit MINI GP Intercooler.

Instructions Download