Detroit Tuned Adjustable End Links

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DT End Links
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Detroit Tuned Adjustable End Links give you the ability to adjust the sway bars to preload and balance the handling. This is must-have for anyone wanting to corner balance their MINI when installing coil overs.

The sway bar has been overlooked as a tunable component in the production-based suspension system due to the lack of a long lasting adjustable end link. The OEM's recognize that it is important to have a sway bar for cornering stability. It's installed into the suspension system and sent down the assembly line. From test findings, the sway bar with fixed length links can actually induce a load into any two cross-corners of your vehicle. The ability to neutralize the sway bar in your suspension system is a great advantage to baseline, balance, and refines your vehicle's handling characteristics.With these adjustable end links you can tune your suspension to be as neutral, or as preloaded as you want for your driving style.

Each rod end is composed of a high-precision ball bearing, a die-cast holder, and a shank connected to the ball by a special welding method. Through a unique production process, the mirror surface of the ball bearing is copied onto the inner mounting surface for perfect contact between them, achieving outstanding wear resistance, exceedingly smooth motion, and high strength. The rod ends also offer a very low friction in the joint and has up to 50 degrees of articulation. This eliminates binding and allows for smooth load transitions.They also come pre-greased and are sealed with a rubber boot on each end to keep these quiet, unlike heim joints. An exposed heim joints will get dirt in them, causing them to wear out quickly, becoming very noisy and clunky. All other hardware in the kit is hardened and coated for strength and long lasting looks. Be confident with this set of end links on your MINI!

We offer lengths for all models in the MINI line up. We have two different drop links for the Countrymans, a set for stock height, and a set with a two inch lift kit. It is highly recommended that cars with a lift kit run a set of adjustable drop link (Front & Rear).

Available for front, rear, or both! Sold in Sets.

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Note: We can get end links in any length for any car!  they come in 5mm lengths from 5mm to 110 lengths in 10mm DIA or 12mm DIA depending on application. Custom links are always an option, but delivery time will depend on size and stock. We stock the pull down sizes!

2 Reviews

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    Quality product

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Apr 2016

    These are high quality adjustable sway bar end links. Fit was perfect and installation was a breeze. Highly recommended if you're going to corner balance.

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    Very good product

    Posted by cristo on 24th Mar 2015

    Replacing very old Webb end links (teflon lined Aurora open heim joints and aluminum center) that had gotten very stiff. The Detroit Tuned ones are enclosed and should hold up better, they're very smooth and sturdy and actually weigh about half way between the Webb ones and the stock ones.