Detroit Tuned Bypass Valve

Detroit Tuned Bypass Valve

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4.00 LBS
$9.99 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

We have bee building the DT BPV since 2004 and have not had any price increases. Slowly the last 2 years MINI has been raising parts costs and we have been absorbing them to the point we had to raise the price now to keep producing them as well as our resellers make their fair cut. We always try to keep our prices low, we hope you understand.

The Detroit Tuned Bypass Valve is a re-worked new OEM valve that is modified by Detroit Tuned to eliminate the "Yo-Yo" in the MINI Cooper S's, the yo-yo was more prevalent for the early 2002-2004 cars but could happen in any of the years. What is the "Yo-Yo" effect? It's the opening and closing of the valve around 2500 rpm's so that it feels like your stepping on and off the gas, but you're not. So we added a stronger spring to overcome the vacuum condition that it sees so that it will not open as soon or as much.  Our BPV closes at 6" of vacuum, as opposed to the factory value of 0" of vacuum. MINI tired to fix the problem in the 2005-2006 cars with a ECU tweak but it never really worked correctly for a lot of cars. This was the main reason our BPV was created, but there are a lot of benefits, read on!

The DT BPV uses a stiffer return spring, resulting in quicker boost generation, and thus quicker throttle response and transitions. Most cars see about 1psi total more boost @ redline. The butterfly assembly is also adjusted as much as possible to close fully, allowing for maximum boost. This is done by centering of the butterfly door and adjustment of the set screw that sets the openness of the butterfly. Perfect for the aggressive driver or racer. It is possible to see a very minor loss in fuel economy, but you will see a great improvement in throttle resolution and smoothness.

Full how-to instructions (below) and all necessary hardware is included. Easy to install in about an hour. No core charge so there is no need to return your old valve. This part only fits the gen 1 2002-2006/7 Cooper S with the Tritech motor.

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60 Reviews

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    Does its job and then some!

    Posted by Eric on 16th Jun 2018

    I installed this on my 05 Dinan prepped MINI and immediately noticed a difference and the difference was good. My factory valve was still operable when I swapped to Detroit Tuned valve so the differences I noticed aren’t compounded by going from a busted valve to an awesome valve.

    Before installing the new valve I did take the time to examine both side by side and I can say that the Detroit Tuned description is very accurate. Holding both up I could easily see daylight around the butterfly on the factory valve, a lot of it. Just centering the butterfly wouldn’t have made much difference as the gaps still would have been there. Not only Detroit Tuned valve butterfly shut tight, but it seals very well. I tried and couldn’t hardly suck any air through it. The second very noticeable difference is the spring used in each. The factory spring was nothing to write home about. The Detroit Tuned valve is MUCH more stiff.

    I have been running the car for months now with the new valve and here are my observations and results. I don’t see a boost pressure change when I was running out the gears to redline between the two. Where I do see the difference is if I’m just cruising and suddenly hit the throttle, more boost is right there quicker than the factory valve allowed. I really notice it coming out of corners or performing a nice MINI style lane change. I read where others have said that fuel mileage went down after install and my calculations show that is was by about 0.5-0.75 MPG. I find that the temperature affects gas mileage more and I can still hit 32 MPG in the summer like I could with the factory valve so it isn’t enough of a change for me to notice day to day. Besides if gas mileage is that important to you it’s time to sell your MCS and get a Prius.

    In short, the Detroit Tuned bypass valve is way worth the price and an investment I wish I would have made sooner.

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    Great Product

    Posted by Jonathan Perkins on 16th Mar 2018

    I have 134,000 miles on my 06 MCS and I have been having issues with the "yo-yo" effect while driving, along with the inconsistent throttle response. The spring on my old BPV had absolutely no resistance when I checked it, especially when compared to Detroit Tuned BPV. My throttle response is back and the car doesn't have the annoying "yo-yo" crap like before, Thanks Detroit Tuned for a quality product.

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    MCS 05 - Happy Customer

    Posted by Ian - MCS 05 on 13th Jan 2018

    With 95k miles on my MiNI, and a list of mods done. Still seemed a little slow off the line. So I installed the DBV, and I very happy, runs like new.......and it feels alive! Well worth the time and money. I do a lot of research, and have to say, I glad I bought it :D

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    Bypass valve

    Posted by Adam Hulmes on 8th Dec 2017

    A must for any R53 running a reduced pully. My car feels more urgent and for a little more money than a stock one it's a no brainer! Also came with a free koozie and bottle opener, How cool is that!!!! I will definitely be making Detroit tuned my first go to for all my R53 needs.

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    Posted by on 23rd Oct 2017

    Low cost, easy install, improved performance, BAM!

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    Posted by Unknown on 16th Oct 2017

    It's crazy how one little part made a huge

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Apr 2017

    Great service. Ordered this online and it was ready for pickup very quick for a Saturday! Got rid of the "yo yo" at part throttle. Only put a few miles on it but works good so far.

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    Posted by Unknown on 19th Feb 2017

    My car only has 50k on it, after changing the bypass valve it was a world of difference car run better and stronger then ever.

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    Biggest Bang for the Buck.

    Posted by John R Leaman III on 20th Jan 2017

    I have a Detroit tuned in my GP and now in my wife's MCS. Awsume accelleration from this valve.

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    Mini runs strong now

    Posted by Jacob Larsen on 3rd Oct 2016

    Great product. At 110,000 miles it was time to upgrade. I was getting the dreaded 1237 code and power loss. Bolted up this bypass valve, erased the code and am happy to report the car is faster with no codes.
    Thank you

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    By pass valve!

    Posted by John R Leaman III on 9th Sep 2016

    Nice product! Car seems much quicker on the throttle.

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    Posted by Michael Emistry on 21st Jun 2016

    Well I knew the BPV on my 05 r52 was a tad weak, not bad but it took a bit to build boost so I figured I'd give the DT BPV a try and I'll tell you what, boost hits hard now! Right at 2.5k rpm I'm slammed in my seat and I stay there through the pull. It gives a awesome sound when letting off to shift too, like a nice clean "pop" of air pressure being released almost like a pseudo blow off valve but quite. Well worth your money, a must do mod for any r52/r53!