Detroit Tuned Turbo Oil Line KIT

Detroit Tuned Turbo Oil Line KIT

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Have a leaky turbo oil feed line? Then the Detroit Tuned Turbo Oil Line Kit is what you need. We were the first ones to make this line, tried and true for 10 years and counting. It is always in stock, and ready to ship, 2 day FedEx, including Alaska and Hawaii! This kit fixes the current stock oil line leak that happens when the line gets too hot too many times. The stock line just has an o-ring seal crimped into place that allows lots of adjustment in both directions, but the problem is the o-ring.  After hundreds of heat cycles, the o-ring cooks itself and starts to leak oil onto the turbo. The longer you let it go, the worse it gets. We already know the turbo engines like to use a bit of oil, now if yours has a leak, you're really going thru the oil! Before long you're buying a new turbo at the price tag of $900-1800!! This kit fixes all of that, so you will never have to worry about it again.

To help complete the job we paired our line with a new oil return line. Why you ask? Because after your turbo oil line has leaked all over, the return line can be covered in oil, burning off and breaking down the rubber. It all depends on how long it's been leaking. You're already in there, it's best to replace it and save yourself time and work. The return line is a MINI OEM part, and comes with everything you need to install it. You might want to also buy (and we highly recommend) an Exhaust Clamp, and/or the Exhaust Gasket, or even add this heat shield for more of a stock look (but is not required with our line). Some people have asked for the banjo bolts also, but you should be able to reuse the old ones. If you notice oil wetness or drips in the vicinity of your oil cooler, you may want to also look into an oil filter housing seal kit while you have this area exposed. To make this job fail proof, we highly recommend our Super Kit as it comes with everything you could need!

Trust this high quality kit that is made here in the USA, and is the only kit that has angled fittings to give the most clearance to engine part to reduce heat and wear.
This kit comes with:

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Note: Fits all MINI Cooper S cars that currently come with a turbo in the "R" car line, with the N14 or N18 motors, "JCW" or "S." This will also fit the Euro Peugeot 2007+ 207 GTI (thp175) & Peugeot 2008+ 308 Turbo "EP6DT".

46 Reviews

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    High Quality Upgrade from OEM

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Jun 2017

    We are an independent BMW and Mini Cooper service facility and have seen several of our customers coming in for service with this oil line already installed on their Mini's. We find the quality of the braided oil supply line superior to the OE design and are now going to be stocking the oil supply line to offer during repairs.

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    great priduct paxked well

    Posted by Danial Stalcup on 5th Apr 2017

    The items fit perfectly. I really liked how the oil return line came with a clip on the hose clamp so I could easily put the new hose on and then remove the clamp. No fiddling with the clamp. Also, free bottle opener,l and oil change reminder sticker with my oil filter.

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    nicely designed part with equally well described instructions

    Posted by Jason R Jeffries on 11th Jan 2017

    This part replaces the stock turbo oil line on the Mini. The Detroit Tuned design seems superior than the OEM part. This is a challenging install, but the instructions are actually very good. In fact, these instructions seem to have the only accessible torque specs for some of the connections. If you haven't considered doing the oil filter housing/oil cooler gaskets, I recommend doing them at the same time, as it is about the same amount of work to get to that part of the engine.

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    Awesome replacement for OEM part

    Posted by Spivonious on 5th Jan 2017

    Easy to install once you get all of the extra bits off. It took me about 10 hours altogether...would have been much faster with a 10mm ratcheting wrench with a long handle.

  • 5
    Massive upgrade over stock

    Posted by Dimitrios Ballas on 3rd Jan 2017

    Installed very easily without incident and the design is far superior to the stock unit. This will definitely not fail any time soon.

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    Extremely pleased I found this product

    Posted by Paul Koenig on 19th Jul 2016

    My 2008 MINI Cooper S began leaking at the turbo oil supply line fitting. It wasn't hard to figure out as there are many write-ups on the forums. So glad that Detroit Tuned has a fix and not just a band-aid for this common problem. My MINI dealer installed the turbo line heat shield last year but the o-ring was probably too far gone at the time. The DT braided line is very well made and installation was a snap. It does take a few hours to get to the line but is doable if you keep patient. Also installed the turbo oil return line and the oil filter housing seals as long as I was in that far. Make sure to also order the downpipe to turbo gasket and downpipe to exhaust clamp or just order the super kit. Yes, you do need to disconnect the battery before starting this job!

  • 5
    Great Product !!! Great quality!!!!

    Posted by Shawn Johnson on 7th Jul 2016

    Great product. Must better than what came from the factory. you won't go wrong with buying this!!!

  • 5
    Product matched perfectly!

    Posted by Tim D on 4th May 2016

    no joke fitting my fat hands around the mini cooper s engine compartment, but when all said and done, oil leaks no more, car runs better!

  • 5
    Perfect fit, top quality!

    Posted by Mike on 23rd Mar 2016

    This braided oil line is far superior to the OEM part. Look no farther, this kit has everything you will need to fix that leaking oil line problem. It's a perfect fit!

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    Great kit. Easy install for average DIY.

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Jan 2016

    09 cooper s. Took a little work to get everything off. YouTube video helped. Just search Detroit tunes oil supply line. Easy to install. No leaks. Make sure you clean good with brake cleaner otherwise oil will burn for a while. Way better than OEM.

  • 5
    Perfect fit for my 2008 mini S

    Posted by Roman on 17th Nov 2015

    It was much easer to install than the original part from mini, it also seems to be a much better design.

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    Ease your worries & buy this kit

    Posted by Eric on 28th Sep 2015

    Great kit, it installs as easily as any replacement could. There is a bit of dis-assembly just to get to it but once there it is easy to route and easy to assemble. The only critique is the compression fitting, it's a bit of a gamble to tighten by "feel" as the instructions state when the part is buried as far as it is. A torque spec would be nice (despite the fact that you would need a crow's foot). Otherwise this kit does the job well.