Fel-Pro MINI Rear Main Seal G1

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Fel-Pro Rear Main Seal for all first generation MINI Coopers and Cooper S's. It's not often we see rear main seals leak; but when they leak, they can wreak havoc on your clutch in no time. When doing a clutch job, we recommend to take a look at this seal; and if it looks suspect, replace it. Not only is it going to ruin your clutch, but it will also cost you another shop visit or weekend with the car torn apart in the garage. This is not an easy seal to replace and you must remove the transmission to get to this seal. So it's handy to have on hand for the extra few bucks, just in case. When removing this seal be very careful. The crank is very soft and you want to take extreme care to not nick, dent, press against or anything against the crank. We cannot stress this caution enough.