Front End Service Kit Stage 2

Front End Service Kit Stage 2

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Front End Service Kit Stage 2
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While you have your front end torn apart, go the extra mile and replace both inner/outer tie rods and your guide Supports. The guide supports take a lot of abuse from rough roads and potholes, flattening, stretching, and ripping. Replacing them will result in better handling, ride and alignments.

Outer tie rods are also effected by rough roads and potholes causing the ball joint on the end to break. A majority of the time the outer and inner tie rods are rusted together, making it hard to break them apart. Replacing them both at the same time is not only easier, but you will have a complete rebuild ready for alignment.

Kit includes:

  • 1 Set of Powerflex Control Arm Bushings (Street)
  • 2 Outer Ball Joints
  • 2 Inner Ball Joints
  • 2 Outer Tie Rods
  • 2 Inner Tie Rods
  • 2 Guide Supports

Get the control arm bushings pre-pressed into the bracket here at the shop! Just select it from the pull downs. Labor is only $20, shipping weight, & a $100 REFUNDABLE core when undamaged brackets are returned within 2 weeks!