Mahle MINI Oil Filter - Gen 3 Early

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MINI Cooper and Cooper S oil filter for all the Gen 3 ( F56 ) cars by Mahle UP TO 06/20!! If your after 06/2020 you need this filter.

All these performance-enhancing parts are for nothing if you don't keep your MINI's oil clean! We recommend changing your MINI's oil with full-synthetic oil and new OEM filter every 5,000 miles. We only use the authentic MINI Oil Filter and we have found that this is the same filer that is in the MINI box, but now at a cheaper price! This filter kit comes with a new Mahle oil filter, the o-ring, crush washer, and new filter canister drain plug..

Fits all Gen 3 2014 - 06/2020 Coopers & Cooper S, All F cars (F54, F55, F56, F57, F60). Save when you buy more! Same amount of shipping and we give you 10% when buying in bulk!

You think that an OEM filter costs too much?  See how the cheap aftermarket fail leaving your car to have unfiltered oil or low oil pressure.