Milltek Exhaust MK2 R55

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Milltek Sport exhaust systems for the MINI Cooper S quickly became the owner's choice in performance exhaust for the MINI. Manufactured in the UK by the premier aftermarket exhaust manufacturer for Audi and VW automobiles. Milltek has significant experience in supplying exhaust components that perform while being civil at the same time. Milltek has the experience of producing superior systems for German-designed cars whilst also having the UK pedigree to deliver what a MINI owner would expect.

Developed on the dyno by Milltek Sport, you have the best system we have ever seen for the R53 MINI Cooper S. The smoothest flow possible, larger mufflers to keep the sound level down but flow up. Your choice of tip styles. A must for anyone serious about improving performance on their MINI with a genuine UK-manufactured system. This is the system to have. Makes more torque than any other system our dealers have tested, as much power as all but the very loudest of systems. But...we have smooth sound with performance and industry-leading east fit. Cabriolet S now available!

Milltek was one of the first aftermarket performance suppliers in the UK to gain access to the R53 upon its launch, quickly adding one to its development fleet. That fact, combined with the company’s huge knowledge of all BMW power plants, has paid huge dividends. The design of the R53 exhaust offers superb power and torque gains, with a thoroughly ‘grown-up’ soundtrack.

Milltek quickly identified that exhaust tuning is critical on the Mini due to the design of the punchy 1.6L engine and the relatively small size of the supercharger that is designed to deliver its power more like a normally aspirated engine. With these two factors playing a major part in the design process, Milltek’s engineers were keen to lower gas temperatures and optimize back pressure without inducing the ‘rasp’ that so easily occurs when tuning engines of this design. Needless to say, they managed it beautifully and the result is a note that exudes purpose, without droning or annoying at cruising speeds.

The system itself is based around a 2.5” (63.5mm) non-magnetic stainless-steel construction. Manufactured in Milltek’s Derbyshire factory, mandrel bending ensures a perfectly even diameter throughout and fitment apes the OE system to allow a myriad of fitment options and the ability to upgrade the system piecemeal, if required, to suit personal tastes or budgetary requirements.

Major benefits of the Milltek Sport R53 exhaust systems:

  • Real documented power improvements in horsepower and torque
  • Gain of 27bhp already verified on a stock car with the full exhaust installed
  • Dyno-developed
  • Stainless steel construction throughout (even inside the mufflers)
  • Sound quality that can be heard outside, but pleasant inside
  • True bolt-on installation
  • Lifetime warranty on all exhaust systems

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2 Reviews

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    Awesome and high quality, but somewhat quiet and weird to mount! (resonated)

    Posted by Luke on 13th Sep 2022

    This exhaust is very nice and high quality, and I do think I feel some more power when using it along with my catless downpipe. The exhaust tips also look awesome and aggressive, especially when compared to the stock soda can tips.

    The only real issue I encountered is that there is no mounting point or hangers in the middle of the exhaust near the Y pipe, which is letting it hang down and vibrate against the metal plate near the middle of the car. I'll need to figure out some way to stop that, because it's pretty annoying!

    The sound is nice and low-pitched, but it is really quiet, even with the catless downpipe! Possibly even quieter than stock. I did get the resonated version though, so I would highly recommend getting the un-resonated one unless you want to go stealth mode.

  • 5

    Posted by Charles Westbrook on 7th Mar 2020

    Having a JCW the exhaust sounded good but I wanted a lil more without being too obnoxious. This Miltek exhaust is perfect for those wanting exactly that.