Milltek Exhaust MK3 F56

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As usual, Milltek Sport was one of the first tuners in the UK to gain access to the F56 upon its launch, quickly adding one to its development list. That fact, combined with the company’s vast knowledge of all new Mini power plants (having had each incarnation of the new Mini through its R&D workshops), has paid huge dividends. The design of the F56 exhaust offers superb power and torque gains, with a thoroughly ‘grown-up’ soundtrack across the entire rev range.

Milltek's engineers quickly identified that exhaust tuning is critical on the Mini due to the design of the punchy 2.0 liter engine and the characteristics of the turbocharger and factory mapping. With these two factors playing a major part in the design process, they were keen to lower gas temperatures and optimize back pressure without inducing the ‘rasp’ that so easily occurs when tuning engines of this design. Needless to say, they managed it beautifully and the result is a note that exudes purpose, without droning or annoying at cruising speeds. Milltek’s designers were also careful to optimize the exhaust soundtrack when switched into ‘Sport Mode.' Here, the new system has been optimized to deliver a superb soundtrack with a wonderful note and tone, with pops and bangs on the over-run. Switch it off however and the car returns to a meeker, slightly sportier version of its original self.

The system itself is available from the factory catalyst back and is based around a 2.75" (70mm) non-magnetic stainless-steel construction. After this, owners can opt for either a center silencer (resonated) or center silencer replacement pipe (non-resonated), depending on the exact note they wish to achieve. The tailpipes feature hand-finished GT90 trims in either Polished or Cerakote Black finishes. Each one suits the Cooper S’s valance perfectly.

Manufactured in Milltek’s Derbyshire factory, mandrel bending ensures a perfectly even diameter throughout and fitment that helps the OE system to make for a perfect fitment that will work – and last – forever.

Note: These systems on our site will come with Polished Tips, but we can also get Cerakote Black or Titanium as well for an added cost. Please call us to order!

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