MINI Cooper Black Out Trim Ring Kit G3

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DT G3 BO Rings
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MINI Cooper Black Trim Rings! Now in stock for any F55, F566, F57!

The styling trend has been to black out all the chrome items on any car (we have been doing it for years!). The OEM market is starting to follow suit. These trim rings come in a gloss black and are molded in color so any stone chips will not show up. This is a great look for any MINI and is very easy to install. You only need a small flat-head screwdriver to pop off the clips from the outside of the light. Once off, you just line up the tabs and clip the new one in place. It's just that easy!!

Kit Includes:

  • Headlight Trim Ring ~ 51-13-7-449-209
  • Headlight Trim Ring ~ 51-13-7-449-210
  • Tail Light Trim Ring ~ 63-21-7-464-171
  • Tail Light Trim Ring ~ 63-21-7-464-172