MINI Cooper Clutch Super Kit N12/16

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Clutch Super Kit N12/16
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MINI Cooper Clutch Super Kit for R55, R56, R57, R58, R59, R60, & R61 vehicles with a N12 or N16 engine. COOPER ONLY! Buy this complete kit and save money today!  This kit comes with everything you're going to need to replace a clutch in a Gen 2 MINI Cooper. The flywheel MUST be resurfaced or replaced every time you do a clutch.  This flywheel is made by LUK and is the same flywheel that MINI sells; it's just rebranded.  If you do not have time to have the flywheel resurfaced when doing the job, then this clutch kit is your best option. It gives you a new flywheel at a low cost and will allow you to have the job done in the same day! The clutch kit is made by Valeo and comes with a new clutch disk, pressure plate, and a throw out bearing, all in one. Valeo is an OEM manufacturer for many clutches and we have had very good life out of all their products.  We then include a MINI throwout bearing guide tube that MINI says must be replaced (and we agree!)  Finally, we include bolts to hold it all together and a new clutch fork that we are seeing fail as well. This kit has everything you need for a clutch job on a gen 2 MINI Cooper, at a lower cost than buying the parts from the dealer. Don't forget to get some quality fluid! Or maybe even a fork pin.


  • Flywheel: 11-22-7-561-765
  • Flywheel to Crank Bolts (6): 11-22-7-560-062
  • Clutch: 21-20-7-572-842
  • Pressure Plate: (comes with above part)
  • Throwout Bearing: (comes with above part)
  • Pressure Plate to Flywheel Bolts (6): 21-20-7-585-679
  • Guide Tube: 23-11-7-545-085
  • Clutch Release Fork: 23-11-7-568-467