MINI Cooper Coil Pack Kit

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Did you know that it is highly recommended to replace spark plugs and coil packs at the same time to keep your MINI running in tip top shape? We know life is busy and you don’t always have time to search for products. Now that you know what the professionals recommend, you can quickly order the parts you need with the click of a button! We created this kit featuring a set of 4 coil packs and 4 NGK Spark Plugs to make everyone’s lives easier. Per the coil pack manufacturer’s part warranty, warranty will be void if you do not replace the spark plugs at the same time.

There is a new, updated part number that now works with all models using the N12, N14, N16, & N18 engines, MINI Cooper & S Models!

How do you know if you need a new coil pack? The car will give you an SES light (Service Engine Soon), as well a rough idle, and once you read the codes, it comes back to a misfire or coil pack for cylinder X. A surefire way to know that it's that coil pack is to move it to another cylinder and see if you get the same code for that new cylinder #. You don't always have to replace all 4 coils at the same time, but it is advisable.

We have found that people are keeping their spark plugs in longer than they should based on recommended service intervals, which in turn makes the coil pack work harder to make sure the cylinder is working correctly. It then burns out the coil before it should ever need replacing. We have seen  Cooper's with coil problems at early as 60K. The Cooper S's are not immune to this problem, but we have been finding that it's in less numbers and higher mileage.

This kit features NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs for Gen 2 MINI Cooper & S will give you the most out of your car's engine! We stock two kinds of plugs for the Gen 2 cars. Both are a NGK Laser Iridium Premium Spark Plugs, and will fit all cars; N12, N14, N16, or N18. The colder heat range plugs are for cars that are running non stock turbo and aggressive tunes like Manic, RPM, or SCS Delta systems.

Note: All plugs come pre-gapped to .032in with a protective sleeve.

Install Tip: Torque new plugs with a torque wrench to min 17 ft lbs. DT Tip: Give it a bit more, but not more than 22 ft lbs.  ALSO You MUST have a deep well 14mm 12 point socket  for the OEM Plugs (or Spark Plug socket for that plug), a 3/8 10 inch extension, and 3/8 inch lbs. torque wrench. The Colder Heat Range plugs take a standard 6 point Spark Plug Socket.

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