MINI CVT Fluid & Filter Flush Kit

MINI Cooper CVT Flush Kit

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DT CVT Flush Kit
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MINI Cooper CVT Transmission Filter & Fluid Flush Kit for all Gen 1 cars. The Redline CVT Automatic Transmission Fluid is just what you need to do a flush in your Gen 1 Cooper Automatic Transmission and this kit comes with a new filter and gasket.  A Bentley Manual is very helpful anytime you're working on your MINI, and give you all the info needed to correctly flush your CVT transmission. Some special tools are required, and we highly recommend doing it every 60K to help the CVT get the longest life it can.


Kit Includes:

  • (6) Red Line Non-Slip CVT Trans Fluid #RED 30804
  • (1) CVT Filter Kit #24-11-7-518-741K