MINI Cooper LCI Tail Light Left

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This MINI Cooper LCI Tail Light will fix the bulb out code for the rear tail lights, which is more than just needing a bulb. This is a whole light assembly ready to install, and is unfortunately, the only way to buy the circuit board that needs replacing. We see it a lot in R56 Cooper and Cooper S's and normally on the right side, but the left is not immune to it. What happens is the board overheats and the top bulb socket loses contact and burns or melts the metal and plastic. Through testing at Detroit Tuned, we have tried to repair and wire brush the unit to make the connection it needs; but it needs to be replaced to get fixed correctly for a long term fix. Luckily the part is not too expensive and even the most shade tree mechanic can do this job.


  • MINI R56 LCI   (04/2009 — 11/2013)
  • MINI Cabrio R57 LCI   (04/2009 — 06/2015)
  • MINI Coupé R58   (01/2011 — 05/2015)
  • MINI Roadster R59   (01/2011 — 04/2015)