MINI Cooper S Bonnet Scoop G2

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The MINI Gen 2 Hood Scoop is a paintable OEM scoop to fix the heat warp that happens from having a really hot turbo under it. This scoop is primed and ready to accept any color that your car is. Just take it to your favorite body shop for them to color match your car. It comes with all new hardware just in case you break one (or all of them) pulling the old one off. To help keep the new scoop from warping, always let the car idle down for 10-30 seconds before turning the car off. This will allow the turbo to be cooled a lot before just turning off a turbo that could be glowing red, as well as allow the oil and coolant to cool, and then it will also allow the coolant pump that runs for 5 min after the car is off do its job better. We also sell a heat shield that works surprisingly well and is a very nice low cost item. We have lots of tricks, ask us how we can help.