MINI Cooper S Bonnet Scoop Hardware

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MINI Cooper S Bonnet Scoop Hardware for all gen 2 models.This kit includes everything you need to repair any broken clips on your gen 2 bonnet scoop. Most often the gray clips break when something hits it or if you don't pull up straight when trying to remove it. When that happens, half of it is still in the white housing that holds onto the car. And just getting white housing out requires destroying it. Once the scoop is clipped in, MINI used another clip to give it more of a sure way of holding it down. The most common way is the black plastic clip at the top; but some cars came with the j-nut and screw. Both ways work on any scoop and we recommend using the screw combo. The silver screws hold in the vent grill, and almost no one needs them, but this is the only way to get this kit so you get them also. Not all parts in this kit will get used, so don't get confused when you have parts left over.