MINI Cooper S Stage 2 Kit - Gen 2

MINI Cooper S Stage 2 Kit - Gen 2

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DT Stage 2 Eng G2
12.00 LBS
$19.99 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Ready to take your MINI to the next level and keep in the safety range of the motor? Stage 2 is the way to go! Each item included below is a link to the respective pages that explained each part in greater depth. We gave a bit more info on the tune below as well. All of these items work great together and will work with what ever turbo your using. Put in the notes what options you want, or list it when you send us your ECU!

Detroit Tuned MINI Cooper S Stage 2 Kit includes:

RPM Tunes for your MINI! Normal turnaround time is 1 day after receiving the ECU.  Please call with any questions! Note: Top speed limiter is removed on all tunes.

  • Stage 2  (Applies to vehicle w/ upgraded inter-cooler, exhaust setup. Must have Down Pipe from here on) (Note: 30-40 HP increase on average)


  • Lower engine temperature operation.
  • Pops and bangs.
  • Flames.
  • Throttle correction for sport mode.
  • Boost level.
  • Cold start turn off (common requested from customers that have loud exhaust setup and forged motor).
Due to ECU Firmware: On N18 vehicles, pops and bangs will remain to operate in sport mode and can be tuned for more aggressive behavior; earlier models N14 that had no pops can be added on request, but not possible to turn off, and will be in operation all the time (these can also be tune on how aggressive you want them to be on a scale from 1 - 5, most customer requests 3). (Note: Level 5 is very loud!)