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Gen 2 ECU Tune by RPM POWER Engine Management

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We can RPM Tune any European vehicles like, but not limited too, BMW, VW, Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, as well as many others!

RPM POWER Engine Management "Tunes" for your MINI! We have signed on to be a dealer for RPM POWER Engine Management (1 of only 2 in the USA) and have the ability to load tunes onto your car! Whether you bring your car to us or send us your ECU, we can get you hooked up. Normal turnaround time is 1 day after receiving the ECU. Return Shipping will be 2 Day Express (Fully Insured) unless you need it faster (USA only, out of country can take longer). Sometimes can be 2-3 days, but no longer. Keep in mind that this is normal weekdays and we normally only ship ECU's Monday thru Friday.  We need to know every mod done to the car to ensure the best tune possible. Please call with any questions! Note: Top speed limiter is removed on all tunes. Also we remove the SES for no Cat (P0420) on all tunes even if you have an aftermarket cat. If you get a check engine light with the tune in place, the light is on for a reason and you need to read the code and fix the problem. DO NOT ignore it. Any pending problems in your car will pop up once the car is tuned. If you live in a state or county that requires emission testing, this may or maynot for your application.

Pricing for Gen 2 cars (N14 or N18) (R55, R56, R57, R58, R59, R60, R61): Colder Plug Must be Used!

  • Stage 1 ~ $649.00 (Applies to vehicle w/ no modifications or no major modification "OEM setup") Works for N12, N16, B-spec Race Cars, N14, & N18 Engines
  • Stage 2 ~ $749.00 (Applies to vehicle w/ upgraded inter-cooler, exhaust setup. Must have Down Pipe from here on) (Note: 30-40 HP increase on average)
  • Stage 3 ~ $849.00 (Applies to vehicle w/ all of the above plus upgraded turbo to hybrid setup and HIGHLY recommend a built engine)
  • Stage 4 ~ $949.00 (Applies to vehicles w/ forged motor including upgraded valve train, cylinder head port, camshafts)
  • Stage Big Turbo Build ~ special request (Applies to vehicles with forged motor/upgraded valve train and Bigger turbo setup)

Future update to the next level of the software $199.00.

Add-on requests:  Due to N14/N18 ECU characteristic and differences between them, there are features to offer on request.

Pricing for add-on options: $99 (for 1 or all) or for Stage 3 request and above these add-on features are free of charge!

  • Lower Engine Temperature Operation (185 deg. F) (Great for cars that are raced a lot!)
  • Pops & Bangs (Levels 1-5 ~ See Firmware Notes Below)
  • Flames (Must have Catless Downpipe)
  • Throttle Correction with Sport Button (ie: Press the Sport Button, Push the Pedal, NO delay!)
  • Boost Level (Up Too 1.45 Bar (21psi) Based on Mods/Engine Build ~ we set the boost level as much as we can safely)
  • Cold Start Turn Off (commonly requested from customers that have loud exhaust setup and forged motor).

Sport Button "Hot Tune" activation option: $99 extra

  • This is will give you the option of 2 tunes on the car. Normal driving mode is the "Lite Tune", with the full "Hot Tune" activated when you press the sport button! (about a 10hp difference)
Due to ECU Firmware: On N18 vehicles, pops and bangs will remain to operate only in sport mode and can be tuned for more aggressive behavior; cars with the N14 that had no pops, they can be added on request, but not possible to turn off, and will be in operation all the time (these can also be tune on how aggressive you want them to be on a scale from 1 - 5, most customer requests 3). (Note: Level 5 is very loud!)
Also ask us about Dyno Time!

Send your ECU to:

Detroit Tuned 1303 Anderson Rd. Clawson, MI, 48017

We HIGHLY recommend shipping it with FedEx or UPS and INSURE the package for $1900, if they lose it, that is what a new ECU will cost you!!

Disclaimer: For remote tuning, the customer assures that the car is in good running order with good compression and knows that the car is safe and ready & tuning.

Customer Review:

Others that switch from a Manic Tune to RPM Tune, the biggest changes I have noticed so far are the smoothness of the tune, there isn't that aggressive punch of power as the power comes in smooth throughout the power band. This makes the car feel more manageable and a better drive overall. The car holds traction now in second gear for the most part on a roll, whereas Manic is such a punch of power  you just spin the tires.....

Customer service with RPM should be the difference for anyone on the edge of deciding between RPM and Manic. Manic doesn't care and the installers are given no knowledge of the product. The exact opposite is to say with RPM, you (Detroit Tuned) have a direct relationship with RPM, and your knowledge and customer service is superb.....

~ Josh McGuire

4 Reviews

  • 5
    Rpm tune

    Posted by Mike on 10th Oct 2020

    So let's just say I'm not a fan of mail ordered tunes. So I call and let's just say i had every question answered. ( Excellent customer service

  • 5
    ECU Tune

    Posted by Fabian Marquez on 18th Sep 2020

    Detroit tuned made my transformation of my mini Cooper S turbo very easy and the Detroit Tuned team were always available for questions, confident in their abilities and explained the process and set proper expectations upfront prior to the tuning to my ECU. I am extremely happy with the end result and will look to Detroit Tuned for any future needs.

  • 5
    Holy ****

    Posted by Jon Baker on 8th Sep 2020

    Best investment since I owned the car. Went stage 2 and walked a ghibli sq4 no problem. Can’t wait to see what stage 3 will have to offer.

  • 5
    R56 S RPM Tune, stage 3

    Posted by Rob on 14th Oct 2019

    As I never had an entire DME remapped, I was skeptical about what I was spending my money on. After careful consideration and research I decided that the last piece of the puzzle was to have some tuning performed on my DME. I first called DT, the staff was courteous and knowledgeable. Once I had all of my questions answered on the phone, I quickly placed my order on line and removed my DME. I sent it out with FedEx Kinkos on a Thursday afternoon. Prior to the DME tuning this car just had a fresh engine rebuild with performance cams, forged pistons, fresh hybrid turbo, new FMIC, cat-less down pipe, and a host of other performance upgrades that are minor in nature installed this spring. At this point without the remapped DME the cars acceleration was slightly above stock at best. I was feeling like I wasted a lot of money on trying to add power to my N14 without much success. After receiving DME from DT in a short 5 business days, I plugged the DME back into the car. Friends, I am here to say that the response was immediate and impressive! This is on the must do list for N14 tuning of any type. I highly recommend RPM Tuning and DT's ability to perform the job properly.