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Gen 3 ECU Tune by RPM POWER Engine Management

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We can RPM Tune any European vehicles like, but not limited to, BMW, VW, Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, as well as many others! If you live in a state or county that requires emission testing, this may or may not work for your application. ANY QUESTIONS please call us!!!!

RPM Tunes for your MINI! We have signed on to be a dealer for RPM Tunes (1 of only 2 in the USA) and have the ability to load tunes onto your car! Whether you bring your car to us or send us your ECU, we can get you hooked up. Normal turnaround time is 1 day after receiving the ECU. Return Shipping will be 2 Day Express (fully insured for $1499) unless you need it faster (USA only, out of country can take longer). Sometimes can be 2-3 days, but no longer. Keep in mind that this is normal weekdays and we only ship ECU's Monday thru Friday. We need to know every engine mod done to the car and fuel octane to ensure the best tune possible. Please call with any questions! Note: Top speed limiter is removed on all tunes. Also we remove the SES for no Cat (P0420) on all tunes even if you have an aftermarket cat. If you get a check engine light with the tune in place, the light is on for a reason and you need to read the code and fix the problem. DO NOT ignore it. Any pending problems in your car will pop up once the car is tuned. If you live in a state or county that requires emission testing, call us and let us know!

NOTE: If you have a JCW Car please give us a call if you looking at this option. MINI Also locked all new Gen 3 ECU's after build date 02/2021 any LCI cars are not tunable at this time.

Pricing for Gen 3 F Series cars (all years and models):

  • Stage 1 ~ $749.00 (Applies to vehicle w/ no modifications or no major modification "OEM setup") (About 20+ HP with greater driveablity)
  • Stage 2 ~ $849.00 (Applies to vehicle w/ upgraded intercooler, exhaust setup. Must have Down Pipe from here on) (50 HP increase on average)

Update the level of the software $199.00.

Also ask us about Dyno Time!
Send your ECU to:

Detroit Tuned 1303 Anderson Rd. Clawson, MI, 48017

We HIGHLY recommend shipping it with FedEx or UPS and INSURE the package for $1900, if they lose it, that is what a new ECU will cost you!!

Disclaimer: For remote tuning, the customer assures that the car is in good running order with good compression and knows that the car is safe and ready & tuning.

Customer Review:

Others that switch from a Manic Tune to RPM Tune, the biggest changes I have noticed so far are the smoothness of the tune, there isn't that aggressive punch of power as the power comes in smooth throughout the power band. This makes the car feel more manageable and a better drive overall. The car holds traction now in second gear for the most part on a roll, whereas Manic is such a punch of power  you just spin the tires.....

Customer service with RPM should be the difference for anyone on the edge of deciding between RPM and Manic. Manic doesn't care and the installers are given no knowledge of the product. The exact opposite is to say with RPM, you (Detroit Tuned) have a direct relationship with RPM, and your knowledge and customer service is superb.....

~ Josh McGuire

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    Mini gen 3 tune

    Posted by Owen Dougherty on 14th Jul 2023

    Gained about 20hp over stock on my 2017 copper base, very much worth it