MINI Emergency Boot Cable Release G1

MINI Emergency Boot Cable Release G1

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DT E. Boot Cable G1
2.00 LBS
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MINI Cooper Boot Cable Emergency Release for all Gen 1 cars! Not all cars came with this cable and it's the only way to open the boot if you lose power or if something breaks. Look under your backseat to see if you have it!

Kit comes with:

  • 51-24-7-119-986 ~ Bowden Cable, Trunk Lid (1) "Cable"
  • 51-24-7-008-319 ~ Towbar Lug (1) "Pull Ring"
  • 34-52-1-164-653 ~ Tubing Support (2) "Snap Clip"
  • 61-13-8-368-029 ~ Clip Retainer (1) "Ring Clip"

Note: You will need to take most of the interior out of the back seat as well as the passenger rear panel to install this. Make sure you feel confident installing this. Currently there are no directions, just the photos above.