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MINI GP2 Rear Diffuser Kit

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MINI GP2 Rear Diffuser Kit
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We are proud to offer you the OEM MINI GP2 Rear Diffuser kit. You get the best of both worlds here. A great sporty look but also function! By straightening out the air coming out the back you will get more down force. This is a must for anyone that tracks their car! MINI claims up to 100 lbs of down force, and we tend to believe them. In our testing with a lowered Coup (w/ the race wing) was not rubbing at 60 mph, but rubs at 80 mph!

This kit comes with all the parts needed to install the diffuser onto any Gen 2 car with a JCW Aero kit with no modifications. It will not fit a stock bumper or the stock aero kit without major modifications. There are 9 different parts to this kit but depending on your car you may not need all the included hardware. At this time there are no directions but it is fairly self explanatory where all the parts go. A quick search of an internet forum will pull up photos and how-to's. These are stock MINI parts form the new GP and can be installed in an hour!

Kit Includes:

  • (1) MINI GP2 Diffuser Air Duct Left 51-74-7-330-559
  • (1) MINI GP2 Diffuser Air Duct Right 51-74-7-330-560
  • (1) MINI GP2 Diffuser Air Duct Center 51-74-7-330-558
  • (1) MINI GP2 Rear Diffuser Bracket Left 51-74-7-370-213
  • (1) MINI GP2 Rear Diffuser Bracket Right 51-74-7-370-214
  • (4) MINI Torx Screw 07-14-7-212-669
  • (4) MINI Body Clip Nut 07-12-9-904-150
  • (1) MINI Clip Nut 51-12-7-070-202
  • (1) MINI Torx Bolt 07-14-7-075-519
  • (8) MINI Hex Bolt w Washer 693 07-14-7-117-693

Note: This kit is currently is Special Order.