MINI GP2 Red Seatbelts

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GP2 Red Seat Belts! Be the cool kid on the block with this set of red seat belts. Every club member will be the envy of you. Make them match your JCW interior or let it become a bold statement that you like to drive fast! We know they fit from Nov 2012 - Current R56 Hardtop but they should fit any model in the Gen 2 car 2007-2013 R55, R56, R58. Pull your panel back and look at the clips and plugs. They should look like the ones in the photos.

Sold as a set of two. Something happen to one of your belts? Need a replacement? Give us a call and we can special order a set in for you.

Note: May fit other years in the Gen 2 line up; it just all depends on air bag sensors on the belt unit. It may also fit several cars in the Gen 1 lineup since their belts didn't have any plug in. Let us help you to be the first to try!

Note: Normally hese are a special order item and can take 4-6 weeks to come from Germany! BUT we have 1 set in stock, no returns.