MINI Heater Core Kit G1

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Heater Core Kit
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MINI Cooper Heater Core for all Gen 1 cars. This will fit the R50/R53 MINI Cooper & S 2002-2006, and the R52 MINI Cooper & S Convertible 2005-2008.  If you see or smell coolant leaking in the cabin of your MINI, it's very likely your heater core has sprung a leak. It's not the most common, but we have seen it from time to time here at the shop. Additionally, if you’re not getting heat, there's a very good chance that your heater core is plugged up and needs to be replaced. We also highly recommend a good flush on the the rest of the system as well. Our heater core kit comes with new pipe o-rings, clamps and a seal to fix the job correctly the first time!  Don’t forget to get some quality fluid on hand before you start the job!

Kit Includes:

  • Heater Core 64-11-1-497-527
  • Install Kit 64-11-6-910-914