MINI Oil Pressure Switch G1

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MINI Cooper Oil Pressure Switch for all generation 1 cars. No matter if it is a MINI Cooper or MINI Cooper S. If you are getting the oil pressure light at idle, and you know for sure that you have oil in the car, take a look at this switch. If it is covered in oil, then the switch is broken on the inside and letting oil pressure out the back of the switch. It's actually a rather easy fix. You will need a 1 1/16 deep socket with a swivel and long extension. Take the oil switch out (be ready to catch oil!) and put the new one in and tq. to 15 ft. lbs. Be careful to not go past that tq. as you will crack the aluminum housing by over tightening it. Also note the red safety tab needs to slide up ½ way to unplug it (not all the way out), then back down when back in place. Also make sure you clean out the plug of any oil with brake cleaner and compressed air.


Note: MINI OEM part that comes with a 2 year unlimited miles warranty.