MINI Transmission Axle Seal

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MINI Cooper Transmission Axle Seal for most MINIs. This will solve the fluid leaking problem on most Gen 2 cars, that we have noticed more frequetly, here at the shop.  This seal will fit most cars, other than Gen 1 S cars, you can find that seal here: inner & outer. This will fit the inside axle seal for most MINI's and the outside axle seal for some (see below chart).


This is a semi-easy job, that should take about an hour.  It's handy to have a seal install tool when installing this seal into the Gen 2 cars.  It's a very tight fit to the transmission, and you want the seal to go in straight.  Do not bend the seal while putting it in. This is also a good time to also do a transmission flush to make sure the level is correct. Put in some quality fluid!



  • R50/52 Coopers with the Getrag Trans from 08/2004
  • R55/56/57/58/59 Cooper & Cooper S Both Sides
  • R60/61 Cooper Both Sides
  • R60/61 Cooper S & All 4 Inside Only