Valeo MINI Cooper S Clutch Kit Gen 1

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Valeo Clutch Kit for All Gen 1 MINI Cooper S. This is a great kit at an even better price! This kit comes with a solid flywheel, spring hub clutch disk, pressure plate, throw out bearing, & needed hardware. This is the standard kit that we stock and install here at the shop all the time. It works better than the dual mass flywheel setup that MINI and is a much better cost! Super easy to install, comes with all needed hardware (note: no guide tube), and works every time for a long time.

The whole unit only weighs in at 35.5 lbs vs. the OEM units weighing in at 37.5 lbs. So you will save a bit of weight to help add HP, as well as getting rid of the OEM Flywheel that makes lots of noise on start up when it's cold out.

Consider that a new OEM setup would cost you over $1300 this kit is a steal!

Note: Don't forget your new throw out bearing guide tube! You will also need some quality transmission fluid. You might even need a Slave Cylinder.