OS Giken Clutch Kit Gen 2

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OS Giken makes two types of clutches for the MINI: a Grand Touring and the STR line of clutches.

The Grand Touring Clutch (Green Cover) is the latest development to our clutch lineup and retains all the technology from our Racing Multi-plate Clutches, but with the addition of our unique “floating pressure system” to provide a smooth and chatter-free driving experience. Grand Touring is going to be a street clutch that is suited for the driver that never tracks their car, and makes around 200-250 hp. They have two types of Grand Touring clutches; first, the regular pressure plate, and second is a soft pressure plate. Both come with hardware and their all metal throwout bearing that will outlast the clutch.

The STR line of clutches (Blue Covers) are made for the racer in mind and also have two options. The STR clutch is available in single and twin plate configurations for Gen 1 only, Gen 2 only gets single plate, and matched with a unique clutch cover which provides a factory clutch pedal feel (Soft Pressure Plate). The single plate unit will hold up to 350 hp and is the most widely used clutch. Their twin plate clutch will hold up to 500 hp and really designed for the hardcore guy that is giving it all, all the time, with lots of HP. The result of the STR line of clutches is a race-ready clutch that can be easily driven around town.

Don't forget a Throw Out Bearing Guide Tube, and some quality fluid. You may even need a Slave Cyl.

Note: The flywheel does have the timing hole for future needs.

Note: Kit includes clutch disc, pressure plate, flywheel, and an all metal throw out bearing. We do not stock any of these clutches due to the nature of this clutch. Lead time and availability for the clutch is subject to OS Giken's stock level.