Crank Pulley Tool Rental

Crank Pulley Tool Rental

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Crank Tool Rental
2.50 LBS
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Looking to upgrade to a lightweight crank pulley? Just changing your stock pulley or crank seal? Or maybe you're adding a ATI Super Damper! This special tool kit for removing and installing the factory crankshaft pulley will help you do that job! Kit includes a special bolt which installs on the crankshaft, and a special puller that pushes against the bolt to remove the pulley. You then also have another special tool that will pull the new pulley on. While you're at it, don't forget the crank seal behind the pulley!

Return Form

Note: Tool rental is for two weeks from time of delivery, if not returned in that time in a usable condition the full new price $190.00 will not be refunded. Please be as quick as you can with the tool as other people are waiting to use it as soon as it comes back. Part must be shipped back at renter's expense. We recommend shipping with insurance on the part, as we are not responsible for loss or damage on the return shipment. Take care with this tool as you are responsible for any damage to it in your care.