34-35-6-789-330, 34-35-6-792-573

MINI Brake Pad Wear Sensor G2

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Brake Pad Wear Sensor
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MINI recommends to change this part with every brake service, but you really only need to replace this if the light is tripped on your dash or you break it while removing it. But a lot of the time they will break when taking them out of the old pads. If you decide this option, there is another way to get the light to turn off. Cut the wires about 3 to 4 inches from the plug. Expose the wires ¼ from the end and twist them together. Cover it with some electrical tape and then just reset the light. But remember you don't have a light to tell you when you need new pads so you have to check them from time to time. We recommend replacing them. Make sure the new sensor is routed correctly and is secured tightly. Some places may require some zip ties like the factory has in places, or some extra ones to keep things tight.

These brake pad wear sensors are for all Second Gen MINIs (R55, R56, R57, R58, R59) except R60/R61. Changes have been made to this sensor from MINI and we want to help ensure you order the correct piece. If you have any questions, please give us a call.

Brake Sensor Options:

Option 1: Build date up to 08/2010

  •  Front Sensor part number: 34-35-6-789-329
  •  Rear Sensor part number: 34-35-6-789-330

Option 2: Build date from 08/2010 and up

  • Front Sensor part number: 34-35-6-792-572
  • Rear Sensor part number: 34-35-6-792-573

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