MINI Cooper Coolant Hose #1 G2

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MINI Cooper S Coolant Hose #1! Why do we call it hose #1? Because it's #1 in the diagram breakdown for the parts catalog. This hose goes from the thermostat to the upper radiator connection. We have installed a few of these hoses over the years and have seen wear on this hose from wearing on the trans shift weights. The biggest reason to change it to to remove the aluminum elbow that is leaking that is not doing you any good since you changed the thermostat to they new updated unit!  Cleans up your engine bay and solves a leakage problem that MINI created. Take a look at all of the photos. We have been surprised how well the rubber has held up over the years on the MINI, but we all know MINI owners take really good care of their cars. So if you have bought it used you might want to look it over. ONLY fits Manual cars, Automatics take a different hose. Give us a call!

This is a MINI OEM Part. Fits all generation 2 MINI Cooper & Cooper S's, 2007-2013 R53 MCS & 2005-2008 R52 MCS convertibles. Comes with new clamps on each side. Don't forget some quality fluid and make sure it's mixed to 50/50. Or even add some Royal Purple Purple Ice!



  • MINI R56   (10/2005 — 08/2010)
  • MINI R56 LCI   (03/2009 — 11/2013)
  • MINI Clubman R55   (10/2006 — 07/2010)
  • MINI Clubman R55 LCI   (03/2009 — 06/2014)
  • MINI Cabrio R57   (10/2007 — 07/2010)
  • MINI Cabrio R57 LCI   (04/2009 — 06/2015)
  • MINI Coupé R58   (12/2010 — 05/2015)
  • MINI Roadster R59   (01/2011 — 04/2015)