MINI Cooper Headlight Nut

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All Generation 2 MINI's headlights are fixed to the body, and from time to time they need to be removed to get to engine parts. We have found that the bottom ones on the outside of the light tend to break. MINI took a plastic “t-slot” and inserted a brass nut into it. Not a problem for cars that never see rain; but for normal cars, the steel bolt gets fused to the brass nut and just spins inside the plastic till it gets hot and pulls out. This is the only way to get the light off. A quick and easy way is to just throw a ziptie on there; but over time the light will lose adjustment and start to vibrate because the missing bolt is not tightly holding the light.The only way to fix it is to replace it. When the light is out you can see there is a metal hold down tab that keeps it in place. Loosen the screw that holds the tab against the nut. Next, slide the nut out, and then the new one in. Line up the arrows that are cast into the plastic parts and tighten down the hold down tab. It's really easy.

There are two nuts per light, 4 nuts per car; but we find that only the outer ones are seeing this problem. So for a normal job where both lights need replacing, you should get two.

Note: Sold as each.

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    Very nice

    Posted by Michael Downes on 6th Nov 2021

    Works great was what I needed