MINI Cooper Side Stripes

MINI Cooper Side Stripes

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DT B Side Stripe
1.00 LBS
$12.99 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

MINI Cooper Side Stripes in Black. We supply you with 2 - 6 ft. (72inches) stripes of high quality #m 1080 wrap vinyl in glass black for you to install yourself. These are long enough to fit any car in the model line up, even the clubman!  This stripe has a 1/2 inch edge stripe, with a 1/2 inch body color gap on each side of a 4 inch center strip, that give you a total of 6 inches for side stripe! Start the stripe 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches based on personal taste. measure a few times and stick it all down with blue tape as show in the photo. Peal 1/3 of the strip back and cut the backing off. Slowly stick it down from the blue tape to the front. Now do it for the last remaining 2/3's.  Make sure it is stuck down and carefully remove the top sheet. THEN trim the stripes on each end. Try to get them under the trim if you can. Them trim all your door gaps and wrap the vinyl in on each end. This is special wrap vinyl that has special air release holes. you should not have any air bubbles in the install. But if you do, just leaving the car in the sun will allow the air to escape or you can speed it up with a heat gun or hair dryer.

Want another color? Just let us know!